So you've come to summer camp. You've had an amazing week. You've begun or renewed your walk with the Lord. Now what?

Riverside Bible Camp thrives on the involvement and support of our board, local churches, and camp attendees. Here are a few ways our community works together:
Don't need that still-functioning barbecue? Got a few extra fence posts? Check our wishlist - they might be just the thing we're looking for.
Work Bees
We've always got projects to do! Check and see what's on the list this year, and how and when you can come and help!
Every year, we get applications from kids who would love to come to camp if they had the chance. Do you want to give it to them?
Local churches
Local Churches
A directory of our local faith communities. Our dearest hope is that you would become involved in one of these churches and continue forward on the journey you started with us.
Online Resources
A list of online resources to other ministries we hope you find helpful.
If you would like to donate a love offering to our ministry, you can do it here.

For everything you do to be involved in Riverside Bible Camp, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
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