Working at camp can be demanding, but it can also be an extremely rewarding life experience that will stay with you forever. Many of our leaders return year after year, joyfully pouring their time and love into the campers.

If you have a willingness to learn and lead through loving service, we would love to have you join us at camp this year. You will be rewarded with a greater self- and other-awareness, a deeper understanding of what it means to live the gospel of Christ, and memories that will last a lifetime. Here's what you need to know:
Due date to apply: June 15

  • Completed Application Form
  • Criminal Records Check (available from RCMP)
  • Vulnerable Sector Check (available from RCMP)
  • Current photo

Mail to:

Riverside Bible Camp
Box 14
Dixonville, AB T0H 1E0
Available positions:
  • Speakers
  • Program Director
  • Worship Director
  • Cabin Leaders
  • Junior Cabin Leaders
  • Head Cook
  • Cook's Helpers
  • First Aid Attendant
  • Maintenance
  • Crew Leader
  • Crew Member

Scroll down for job descriptions.


  • Prepare and present two chapel sessions per day suited to the age level of campers present
  • Make yourself available to interact with campers during the day and give guidance when required
  • Co-operate with and bring forward suggestions to the camp director and assist them when possible
  • Be available for counselling during camp

Payment by honorarium. Please email credentials to director.

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    Program Director

    • Arrange and coordinate staffing for camp
    • Communicate with and assist speakers with their concerns
    • Arrange and administrate camp schedule
    • Build within staff an atmosphere of unity, love and Christian growth
    • Organize staff training and orientation
    • Organize daily and weekly duties for staff
    • Organize with head cook the preparation, presentation and clean up of kitchen and dining hall
    • Be present for arrival of campers and assist with organization of campers and cabin leaders
    • Review of personal files with health attendant and involved staff
    • Be aware of spiritual life of the camp
    • Oversee various scheduled events
    • Assist in the discipline of staff and campers
    • Ensure required materials are available to campers and staff
    • Prepare and present staff devotionals
    • Assist with evaluations of campers and staff
    • Prepare a report for the board regarding overview and evaluation of the weekly camps as well as provide recommendations for next year

    Paid full-time position.

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      Worship Leader

      Worship Leader
      • Work with camp director to set up and manage worship activities at the camp
      • Report concerns to cabin leaders and camp director as required

      This position will be filled by a Cabin Leader. (See below.)

        Cabin Leaders

        • Co-operate with the Director in running the camp program
        • Be present during registration to welcome campers and assist in situating them
        • Model and encourage others to model positive attitudes between yourself, campers, other staff and God's work at camp
        • Be responsible for the overall supervision of cabins at all times
        • Give clear instructions to your campers and those around you
        • Go over camp rules and be sure the campers understand them
        • Post a daily schedule in your cabin
        • Impress upon the campers the need to care for facilities and equipment
        • Encourage cleanliness and proper personal hygiene
        • Insist on proper conduct and manners
        • Live with campers as guardian, friend, and spiritual leader
        • Show your campers how to study their own Bible
        • Enlist participation in cabin devotions
        • Ensure cabin is kept clean
        • Teach Bible lessons, skills and memory verses daily
        • Spend time with your campers as individuals
        • Work within the cabin and share yourself equally
        • Disciplinary issues are to be dealt with at the cabin or group level.  The director will assist you with repeat offenders or with any concerns you feel need addressed.  If the concern is serious enough the director will need to be involved
        • Check with the director or the attending health staff for any health concerns with your campers
        • Arrange for any medications to be brought to the health staff for control
        • Any health issue or injury is the responsibility of the first aid attendant
        • Lead morning and evening devotions and encourage participation with junior staff and campers
        • At all times a staff member must be present in your cabin during sleeping hours
        • Complete a camper evaluation for each camper in your cabin and return it to the director on or before the last day of the campers visit
        • Pray daily for each camper entrusted to you by God

        Paid full-time position by the week.

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          Junior Cabin Leaders

          • Assist the cabin leader and camp director in running the camp program
          • Attend all scheduled events
          • Build strong relationships with the campers and staff
          • Seek to assist the cabin leader and staff when ever possible
          • Additional responsibilities and authority can and will be given to those who show leadership

          Volunteer position by the week.

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            Head Cook

            • Should view the position as a ministry unto the Lord
            • Check with camp purchaser regarding menus, groceries and kitchen help and co-operate with director with scheduling
            • Direct the preparations of all meals and refreshments
            • Set up daily schedules for kitchen help and staff
            • Supervise the kitchen area and dining area for preparation, meals and cleanup
            • Plan ahead for all meals
            • Be an example and mentor to younger cook's, campers and staff

            Volunteer position by the week.

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              Cook's Helper

              • Assist the Head cook in preparation of camp meals
              • Be willing to resume the role of head cook in an emergency situation
              • Consult with the head cook and camp director in the meal preparations and delivery
              • Help with dining area preparations
              • Supervise the serving and clean up of dining area
              • Be an example and mentor to the campers and staff
              • Be willing to teach and be willing to learn

              Volunteer position by the week.

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                First Aid Attendant

                • Be qualified to care for the needs of campers and staff
                • Hold a valid standard first aid and Level C CPR card
                • Monitor the general health of the campers and staff
                • Collect camper medications and see to it that they are administered as prescribed
                • Arrange for the emergency transportation to the hospital in Grimshaw when necessary
                • Maintain medical records of any camper or staff who received care
                • Inform parents or guardian of any treatment
                • Promote cleanliness and safety within the cabins and camp property
                • Consult with the director where serious illness could mean the removal of a camper or staff member
                • Participate in the camp program as time allows
                • Be willing to take on added responsibilities to help with other areas of the camp

                Volunteer position by the week.

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                  • Maintain a schedule for all facilities on camp property
                  • Be willing to assist in various camp concerns or situations that may araise
                  • Set up schedule and programs to assist the crews with your work
                  • See that all garbage and wood is chopped
                  • Ensure the safety and well being of all staff and campers through proper maintenance

                  Volunteer position by the week.

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                    Crew Leader

                    Crew Leader
                    • Lead crews to meet responsibilities given to them by the director, maintenance personal and senior staff
                    • Be involved in teaching crew ministry skills and encourage spiritual growth
                    • Work with director and maintenance in scheduling crew days

                    Volunteer position by the week.

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                      Crew Member

                      Crew Members
                      • Work with maintenance and staff to maintain camp facilities
                      • Help with cleaning the dining hall after meals when campers are unable to
                      • Be trained for other camping ministry and grow spiritually

                      Volunteer position by the week.

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